Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hello my lovelies,

I was planing to make a haul post since I returned from Izmir, but I was very lazy to do that so I am making a big haul now. I bought many products such as body care, make up, clothes, shoes etc... Tell me in the comments which one you liked and if you want a review of any make up product I will do that for you.

Здраво здраво,

Планирав да направам пост за производите што ги купив во Измир, но бев премногу мрзелива. Од тогаш до сега купив уште производи па решив да направам пост за сите нив. Купив секакви производи од нега за тело, шминка, облека, чевли и тн. Ги очекувам вашите коментари што најмногу ви се допадна.

For me as a blogger, the most important thing was to have good camera. I was searching and I found that this Nikon D3300 fits to my needs and also to my budget. 

"Gray" Sweater - Terranova (See on me HERE)
Black and White sweater - De Facto
Pants - LC Waikiki
Skirt - Local Store

I will post the links from the Turkish site because I bought them in Izmir and the "Frosted Plum" collection is not available on the official site, I don't know why.

Soap - HERE
Hand Cream - HERE
Body Butter - HERE
Body Butter - HERE
Shower Cream - HERE
Body Spray - HERE

Avon Super Shock New Mascara
Avon Contouring Brush
Avon Smoky Plum Palette

Bag - David Jones 
Blue Flats - Local Store
Burgundy Flats - Duki Daso

I love this "Cowboy" cardigan which I bought in a local store, soon combination with this beauty.

New jacket in my collection!!!! If you follow me from my beginning, you must know that I am Jacket fanatic. I bought it in a local store and I really love it. Now I finally have brown/beige jacket, see my collection HERE.

And the last but not the list is this New Yorker dress. It looks perfect with the Cowboy cardigan.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Day combinations from Farfetch !

Hello guys,

I received an invitation to be part in the competition organised by Farfetch . The idea is to make combinations for you and your loved one for Valentine's Day. So this are mine combinations. I have on mind going on romantic dinner and I want to have one color which will connect the couple, so I found that blue will be amazing for both, the girl and the boy. I know that red is the color of love but I think that it's deja vu to wear red combinations for that occasion. The details for the products are under the pictures. I hope you like my combinations. I will definitely wear the girl one, but I am not sure about my boyfriend :P . Waiting for your comments.

Coat - HERE
Shirt - HERE
Pants - HERE
Bag - HERE
Shoes - HERE

Blazer - HERE
Shirt - HERE
Pants - HERE
Shoes - HERE
Belt - HERE

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