Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DressLink Wishlist

Hi guys,

Hope you are well, and for today's post I have new products which are on my wishlist, from the site DressLink . I hope you will like the products, and if you want to purchase some of them, check out the prices under every product.

Short Mini Dress (HERE)

I like this dress because it's simple and its black and white. Suitable for beach time or walking around.
For more info and the price visit

Sleeveless long dress (HERE)

Amazing for walking on the beach and capturing perfect moments. There are also other colors.

For more information and the price visit

Ice cream T-Shirt (HERE)

It's Summer time and it's Ice cream time, I like this cutie and I think it's perfect for this hot days.
For more info and the price visit

Black Jumpsuit (HERE)

I adore jumpsuits because you don't need to think so much what to wear as top and bottom, they are easy to go combination. I also love when they are black.

For more info and the price visit

White Bag (HERE)

I don't have white bag and I found this perfect for me, if you don't want in white there are also another colors. Check out

Ice cream Bag (HERE)

I am looking for this kind of crazy bags which are amazing finish of every combination. This ice cream is so cute and I MUST HAVE IT.
For more info and the price go to

Colorful Backpack (HERE)

I would wear backpack rather than a bag, because it is more practical and bigger. I love this one and it also comes in different colors. Visit for more details.

LED sneakers (HERE)

The most popular sneakers for this year, I definitely want them, check out, there are more colors on

Leopard print flats (HERE)

This cuties are perfect for the summer period and I like the leopard print visit for more.

Off Shoulder Dress (HERE)

And the last but not least is this amazing dress which I want , it also comes in different colors and it's super cute. For more info and the price visit

Dresslink coupon code, 300 times only, valid to 28/02/2017

lendy15 == $1 off for purchase $15
lendy19 == $2 off for purchase $19
lendy29 == $3 off for purchase $29

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