Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LUCLUC Whishlist !

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well, having great time this hot days. For today's post I will show you the things I want to buy from LUCLUC.COM . I hope that you will like the products and check every product link to see their price.

Здраво здраво,

Се надевам дека сте добро и дека супер си поминувате во овие жешки летни денови. Во овој пост ќе ви ги покажам производите што ми се допаѓаат од сајтот LUCLUC.COM . Се надевам дека и вие ќе најдете нешто што ви се допаѓа. За цените на производите кликнете на линкот под секоја слика.

LUCLUC RainBow Printed Shoulder Bag with Rivets

HERE !!!

LUCLUC Red Metal Pointed Flat Thick Heels Shoes

HERE !!!

LUCLUC Black Triangle Printed Halter Bikini Set

HERE !!!

LUCLUC White Embroidered Bodycon Mini Skirt

HERE !!!

LUCLUC Green Strappy Camo Printed Maxi Dress

HERE !!!

LUCLUC Ink Blue Lapel Ruched Chiffon Kimono

HERE !!!

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  1. I loved thy beautiful choices
    I invite you to participate in the blog of the draw
    International Giveaway

  2. the bikini is too nice <3

  3. I had never heard of this site, but has some nice things. I'm your new follower # 171, if you like passing by my blog.

  4. Great wishlist. The bag is stunning, totally amazing.


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