Monday, August 21, 2017

The story about Versace!

Hello guys,

I am FINALLY here with a new post after a long time. Unfortunately these are the only photos that I managed to save from Setubal because my hard disc had died. I lost the other pictures that I said I will add in my previous post. Luckily while I was looking for something around my room, I found the memory card containing these pictures, so FINALLY, here is the post which is definitely my favorite so far.
Short story long, about the Versace backpack - while we were in Portugal, me and my boyfriend entered in a perfume store to see what they have. There was a huge discount, so we decided to get something. He bought a Versace Eros perfume and he got me this beautiful backpack as a gift.
I was not a big fan of Versace, but now I really am, and my wishlist is getting bigger. I adore the logo and the power of their brand.

Enjoy the pictures,

P.S. Big thanks to the best photographer, also my friend, Stefan Sokolovski for capturing the moment ❤

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit - H&M
Shoes - Local Store
Sunglasses - Gift 
Backpack - Versace Parfums

Location - Roof61 Setubal
Photo Credit - Stefan Sokolovski ( follow his work on Instagram HERE )

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  1. beautiful photos, i love this backpack


  2. You are beautiful! Amazing backpack.
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