Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maxwell Scott Bags

Hello my lovely readers,

First of all I want to say that I am sorry for not posting anything for a long time, but I was so sick and also I had to study for my exams. I hope that you are good and you have a great time in 2015.

For todays post I have something new. I discovered new brand which makes adorable bags, so let's get started....

About the brand

Founded in 2002 by William Forshaw, Maxwell Scott Bags began life supplying briefcases to corporate clients in London. After noticing that many of his colleagues brought plastic bags to work instead of business cases, William saw a gap in the market for high quality, professional briefcases in the workplace.

After a family trip to Italy sparked an interest in the traditional craftsmanship of Italian leather, William began looking for the highest quality tannery to begin producing the leather for his bags. A highly esteemed factory in Tuscany was chosen, and the business was able to take flight.

The British company stands out from the crowd by using only the finest, premium Italian leather which adds to the longevity of the product. The leather produced in the tannery comes from premium quality full grain hides that are tanned using completely natural processes, reducing the impact on the environment and giving the leather unique qualities. Marks and scratches can be buffed out and the leather develops a beautiful patina over time, meaning that products from Maxwell Scott Bags only improve with age.

After spending the past year rebranding, the company is now ready to show off its brand new image. With a sleek new website, a newly launched informative blog and a range of upcoming products in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time for the British company. To find out more about the Maxwell Scott Bags story or to browse the extensive luxury collection, visit their new website HERE !

The products I like:

The LilianaS

The Ilario

The Capizzi

The Sparano

The Sabina

Note to Editors:

Press Contact: Lily Hartley

Blog: HERE


Phone: 08702 424 684

I hope you like the post and tell me about your favorite product.

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  1. Wow the bag looks great!!

  2. Great leather pieces!

  3. Wooooow! I love your blog. I hope you will like mine

  4. I love bags, very interesting, I wait for my blog

  5. ranecot e predobar!

  6. Very nice post. Great pictures.
    On my blog a new outfit! Your opinion is very important to me.
    I invite you and best regards. ~

  7. Great post, dear. Love it.

  8. I really like that leather backpack. That's a great story. Great post.


  9. Wow .. these bags are gorgeous!

  10. Super si odradila ovaj post, sve je tako lepo opisano :)

  11. Great post. Love it. I have new post too ;):

  12. Love the Bag! Looks beautiful and elegant :)

    Hope you are well now? kisses <3

  13. Lovely Trinkets! They look amazing

  14. Ja bih voljela kad bi nam slikala sebe svoj stil i odjecu il bilo sta samo eto da si ti na slici... meni je tvoj blog zaista zanimljiv jedan od rijetkih al eto to je samo moj prijedlog :)

    1. Hvala ti puno draga, al ovih dana bas nisam bila u mogucnosti da uradim to od obaveza oko fakulteta a i malo me vreme sprecava u slikanju. I meni je malo krivo sto u ovoj godini jos nisam izbacila outfit post ali potrudicu se da uradim to u najskorije vreme :*

  15. Great post, the backpack is super cute.


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