Sunday, May 28, 2017

Best Coffee Lounge Setubal !!!

Hello people,

As you know from my previous post HERE that I was in Portugal, I stayed in Setubal for 7 days plus a day in Lisbon. Today, Setubal is leading in the Portuguese sardine industry and is famous for it’s sweet moscatel wine.There are plenty of sites and attractions to visit in the city. Its pedestrian streets, fountains and gardens lend it a certain grace giving you the feeling of a historic town. The district of Setubal is also home to a variety of fishing ports and unspoiled nature reserves. Opposite this city there is Troia peninsula. This place can offer you long sandy beaches with transparent water, amazing restaurants serving sea food, hotel resorts, variety of sports and amazing views. I had the chance to be there and feel the beauty of Setubal. While I was there I went to many local restaurants and bars. They have brilliant places for coffee break, and today I will show you one of them, located on the waterside, called Best Coffee Lounge. The interior of this place is perfectly arranged and very modernistic. Outside you can have a drink and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves. If you decide to visit Setubal, go and check this place I highly recommend it. Now I am leaving you to enjoy in the pictures.

P.S. You will see the pictures from the city in one of the next posts.

Outfit details:

Shirt - LC Waikiki
Pants - Local Store
Shoes - Local Store
Backpack - Versace Parfums
Watch - Ferrucci
Sunglasses - Gift 

Location - Best Coffee Lounge
Photo Credit - Stefan Sokolovski (follow his work on Instagram HERE)

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  1. It seems like it would be a wonderful place to visit and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed what the city had to offer. I just adore your pants. They are so cool!

  2. Really nice coffee lounge, great interiors! And I love your pants!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. So love a cool coffee spot that has great art and great coffee.
    I love your pants.
    I just followed your lovely blog (#227). Please follow back and stay in touch.

  4. Great post! ♥

  5. This place looks so cool, I really like your photos :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  6. I am loving those pants, they are so unique and you styled them great. Can not wait to see more photos from Setubal xo

  7. Amazing Location and Outfit! Looks great!


  8. So beautiful post!
    Love this pics!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. This is a great post! Wonderful fashions!
    I am following you and would love for you to
    follow back - it is fun to meet new people.
    Have a good week, Mimi


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